You are welcome to see photographic gallery presenting garage doors and roller shutters.

You are heartily welcomed to our website. We have been a family business active since 1983. We specialise in sales and installation of windows, doors, roller shutters and garage doors. Additionally, we offer a wide scope of building, refurbishing and finishing services in flats, town houses, villas and residences.

We cooperate with leading producers of window profiles and construction materials in Europe.

Since the very beginning of our business we have been dedicated to:

Thanks to these guidelines and our satisfied customers we have been for you for over 20 years.

Additionally we offer to you, free of charge:

professional consulting


costs evaluation

utilisation of the old windows



You get a warranty for all our products and services.

Why Us?

Offering to you our complex services we safe your valuable time as you do not have to look for a few separate companies. Instead, you can negotiate better prices with us. Thus, such a choice will safe your money as well and make a replacement of the windows or a refurbishment nothing scary.

If we managed to make you interested in our offer please do not hesitate to take a look at the further pages.

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