You are welcome to see photographic gallery presenting garage doors and roller shutters.

If safety, intimacy and freedom are important to you, and you want to find comfort in your house or flat, we would like to offer external roller shutters to you. They will meet these demands.



Depending on your needs we can offer 5 roller systems:

This is the most universal and, due to the simple fitting, the most often chosen system. This system can be applied both during the construction stage, and for buildings already finished or refurbished (e.g. during window replacement). There are two possible ways of installation: on a building façade or in a window recess.

It is a system of rollers integrated with a window, possible to apply together with window installation during the construction stage or during a replacement of a window.

This is a modern roller system, to be applied in a building being newly constructed at the stage of its construction.

This system can be applied during the construction works, in the course of building refurbishment (before thermal insulation) or at a replacement of a window. However, it demands preparation of the proper niche for the cassette and its installation before laying external plasterwork.

Specific requirements concerning premises safety can be met only thanks to a use of specialist external roller shutters with an anti-burglary attestation warranting a full safety of their usage.

High quality and attractive design

Our garage doors are aesthetic and functional, catered to expectations and individual needs of customers in such a way that they warrant a maximal comfort of their usage. A long period of reliability of our doors exploitation is warranted by modern technical solutions, high quality materials of the leading European suppliers and careful production. All these elements provide you with the long period of uninterrupted operation and an attractive design of garage doors.
For optimal match of the exterior look of the garage door to the architecture of the building we offer 2 types of garage doors:


They can be characterized with stability and very good ratio of thermal insulation.

Sectional doors consist of the following elements:

  • Curtain – 40 mm thick steel sections, filled with polyurethane foam of the high density.
  • Vertical and horizontal tracks,in which the curtain moves.
  • Driving rollers - they provide you with long-lasting and silent operation of doors, additionally they are equipped with the protective device against catching your fingers.
  • Drive system - set of twist springs, counterpoising the weight of the curtain and providing you with comfortable manual operation (optionally electrical).
Additional equipment consists of:
  • Electrical drive with a radio remote-control.
  • Glass elements which let more daylight in (door windows, glass sections with double acrylic glass) and vents.
  • Additional protection devices against a breaking of springs or ropes, protection of door tracks with photocells etc.
  • Suspension elements, fastening elements, blind windows etc.


These doors are produced of aluminium slats filled with polyurethane foam and polyester plated. heroal profiles stand out with their very high resistance to atmospheric conditions. The profiles are painted twice with a use of a special, oven fired, chemically hardening resin-based paint. This process is pursuant to a new, patented method. We offer to you a wide spectre of heroal colours and many drive and control solutions. Foiled profile in wood-like colours is also available.

Standard garage doors equipment includes an electrical drive (230V) and an internal switch. On our customer’s demand we can additionally equip it with: a remote control, a photocell system, a pneumatic switch, peephole profiles, an electrical drive with a possibility of emergency opening with a use of a crank, a key-locked switch, a sealing strip with a brush and an external cassette (2 sizes).

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