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We would like to offer to you exterior front doors made by SUPERDREW company.
They are made of a glued pine wood faced with the natural, 3 mm thick oak veneer. Veneers of other kind of wood also available.

All doors are custom-made. There is also a possibility to make doors following customer’s own design.


  • 16 cm wide and 7 cm thick standard door frame
  • door leaf thickness – 7 cm
  • door leaf filling: pine wood or panel door with anti-burglar glass combined with stained or ornamental glass
  • all the colours from the SIKKENS firm staining paints palette (revealing the wood structure) and RAL palette (body colours)
  • anti-burglar canned hinges with tri-dimensional regulation
  • double door bolt of KFV company or FUHR company
  •  pins or hooks
  •  wooden or aluminium threshold

Optional: peephole, knocker, code lock, remote control or fingerprints opened lock, cylindrical slip tongue.



Door system REHAU Brilliant-Design
Perfect to the tiniest detail - system of door profiles 70 mm.

Exterior door made in the system REHAU Brilliant-Design provides efficient thermal insulation. They are particularly recommended for new energy-saving buildings or at a thermal modernisation of already constructed ones. Four or five-chamber construction of the profiles and use of reinforcements of large intersections give extraordinary stability to the exterior doors. Achieving an increased level of the anti-burglar protection, reaching even the class 3 (DIN V ENV 1627), is possible.


  • profiles width: 70 mm / stop gasket
  • amount of chambers: 4 chambers in a leaf, 5 chambers in a frame
  • excellent thermal insulation parameters and perfect acoustic insulation qualities
  • precipitation water penetration tight
  • double gasket on the surface of the threshold
  • special low threshold profiles allow for easy wheelchair access
  • wide scope of creation thanks to the wide palette of foiled profiles, coated profiles or aluminium overlay covers
  • gray gaskets make nice accent on white profile background
  • smart look achieved by the use of rounded edges and 20º slants of the profiles
  • exterior doors matching the exterior look of the building
  • single-leaf doors opened inward and outward, also with a side part
  • double-leaf doors opened inward and outward, exterior doors with transom
    smooth, easy-to-clean exterior surfaces
  • steel reinforcements of a large intersection warrants optimal stability
    increased rigidity due to the use of weldable corner joint system

Interior sills made of wood, granite and PVC make an ideal supplement to our offer. Wide offer, variety of materials they are made of and wide colour palette enables us to cater our offer to your expectations.

Wooden sills of SUPERDREW company are made of layer-glued pine wood faced with oak veneer
Thanks to many year experience in wood joinery production we can offer you wooden sills resistant to deformations caused by heating or moisture.
Sills are available in any sizes.

Sills are made of polyvinyl chloride and coated with foil.
In our continuous sales 6 colours are available: white, marble, golden oak, mahogany, beech and oak.

colour: white

colour: marble

colour: beech

Parapet kolor mahoń Parapet PVC kolor złoty dąb  

colour: mahogany

colour: golden oak


Advantages of PVC sills are:

    • exceptional durability
    • low price 
    • UV radiation resistance
    • scratch resistance 
    • corrosion resistance

Granite sills are made of the highest quality material. Due to their high resistance to abrasion, scratching, chipping and atmospheric conditions they will perfectly suit your needs both to be installed outdoors and indoors.
High aesthetics of our sills are provided by a perfectly polished surface, which has been shaped around and of which edges has been rounded.
Their practical qualities will be appreciated by all the users while taken into consideration easy maintenance, many-year durability and resistance to all kinds of chemical substances, detergents and liquids.


Tian Shan - Red Pearl White China - Green G-635
G-603 Tiger Rusty G-681 G-439

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