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For ages wood has been the most man-friendly and comfort construction material.
Specific structure, colour, chemical constitution, aesthetical and decorative qualities are the advantages which other interior decoration and finishing materials are devoid of.
Wooden windows are warm and nice to the touch.

They can be finished with transparent paint coatings, keeping the wood colour and grain, with colour coatings keeping the wood structure and body varnish which entirely covers wood structure. With a use of wooden windows there is a possibility of restoration of historical joinery to render the character of a building.

Wooden windows are fully natural.
Beauty of wood gives you a feeling of psychical comfort and positively influences microclimate in a room.

Wood windows are a remarkable beauty joined with a new technology, it is a proof of the prestige and exceptionality for houses, flats and offices. For people appreciating style, tradition and elegance wooden windows are the obvious choice.


Our windows are produced of the highest quality pine, oak and red meranti dressing. They are characterised by exceptional resistance to bending and warping.

We give 5-year warranty for wooden joinery.

We offer
SUPERDREW windows in system DJ-68 SOFT-LINE.

Windows of SOFT-LINE system have a modern and aesthetical design thanks to the slight curves and rounded edges. They also retain higher construction rigidity and extended durability of a paint coat.
Window frames feature high technical parameters; they are resistant to bending, shrinking and warping and air humidity resistant.
Prior to painting, wood is impregnated in order to protect it against insects and fungi.
Subsequently, window surfaces are painted with staining enamel or acrylic paints of the highest European quality SIKKENS.
Glazing bars in the windows can be construction ones, inter-glazing, stuck, or inserted.

SOFT-LINE – basic equipment:

  • 68 mm high window frame
  • black gasket
  • SIEGIENIA hardware
  • micro-ventilation
  • handles HOPPE SECUSTIC
  • 4 point tilt operated with a handlde
  • multiple glazed panel 4/16/4, low-emission=1,1

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